Shoppers Flyer - 02/20-02/26/2021 (Page 4)

shoppers drug mart life love these brands? check out our digital flyer at or pc optimum app for more savings seniors' day bonus 20% quo coca-cola pepsi gourday loans maenell hvorfolgers brand preilusti choice save get plus pc optimum bonus no name with a pc optimum points with a purchase card on almost beauty savings + all regular priced almost anything points merchandise in the store." joe fresh value! see page 4 for details up to up to life each vitamin life brand nivea coca-cola q10 facial moisturizers vitamin pepsi beverages 2l selected types & sizes life brand sun vitamin selected types power or skin care products selected types & sizes where applicable new regenerist doritos family digestive rache chatures olay tylenol collagen peptide 24 asgenerisy omega-3 adidas probiotic motrin musele & body retinol 24 up to up to olay vaseline doritos chips natural health products cheetos snacks peek freans cookies selected types & sides retinol 24 or collagen each selected types & sias each selected types & sites selected types peptide facial moisturizers selected types life nasal sinus vichy decongestant hillegg relief white wheats! honey nut lfactiv serum 10 cheerlos brick de contre le star vichy face slagen special up to boplinum goptimum % cough & cold products buy 2 get vichy wonder buy 2 get strivectin kellogs's min-wheats! extra strength muscle & uftactiv skin care products skin care products 10's-2' white whole wheat bread each 5000 each kos cereal selected types pls pts selected lys selected types & sees products selected types life campbell aveeno dave maxwell golden gum pepto selves houseb chunky butternut bismál neotlan anno olay squash folgers up to up to pepto bismol campbell's chewable tablets of liquid selected types & sizes sch booy wash each ach selected types selected types selected types soup selected types selected types olay cheetos voto crunchy croolant dads selected types wonder con wonder pepto "biśmol res venus &clay tampax eggies reese gillette gillette oke always tena gillette proglide up to tena incontinence products each selected types & sizes selected hypes simais gillette cartridges selected types gillette selected types selected single serve easter treats each each selected types l'ench dane merry dove awie purex johnson's johnson natural instincts nicen easy downy qtips teach vaseline petroleum jelly selected types baby toiletries teach selected types & sizes dove hair care products selected types & scres & blends natural instincts nice'n easy or l'image each hair colour selected types downy fabric softener selected types 89€ facial tissues limit 6 after limit 99€ each cach grea pampers easy ups each each loreal preference pampers pampers super boxed diapers or training pants selected types & sizes preference hair colour selected types bounty paper towels selected types limit 2 after limit 7.99 preferenc preference gen

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