Shoppers Flyer - 04/25-05/01/2020 (Page 4)

save get seniors' bonus day with a pc optimum card on almost all regular priced merchandise ps pc optimum bonus points with purchase almost anything in the store value! see page 5 for details shoppers drug mart savings points get up to get up to get up to bonus redemption event extended for 5 days! off + when you redeem when you redeem pc optimum points that's an extra when you redeem pc optimum points pc optimum points that's an extra that's an extra sao see back page for details nestea doritos bans powerade only pealuts oreo smooth nga coca-cola pepsi non-carbonated beverages selected types deposit & ervin ley were applicable ruffles or doritos chips selected types & sons powerade while quantities natches kraft peanut butter 750g - 1kg sulected types christie coches or crackers selected types & sies lac coca-cola or pepsi beverages 6x 710m selicted types +deposit evro levy were applicate after lint 499 best of week 39 halo week 129 int lim alte limit 499 rest of week 90 limit after int249 best of energizer caltrate cup a soup centrum wltgummi energizer glad cling wrap rrrrrrre caltrate calciumok centrum multivitamin products selected types & sizes no name pc facial tissues 6's no name knorr sidekicks energizer batteres - multi-use light selected types of palmolive dish soap selected types rust of wick up to 15% off after limit 1.25 pastof winck 055 alter limit 1199 rest of week merlimit 199 rest of week 199 limit alterit 129 rest of week 129 um2 afterlinit.4.99 of war up to up to vichy jomionon probiotic coca cola jamieson omega-3 select essentials jamieson natural health products selected types & sizes vichy skin care products selected types & sizes pepsi coca-cola or pepsi beverages 21 selected types where applicable bonus vichy new grea canadian lamin tassimo nicorette nicoderm selected types de te life brand vitamin products selected types sims jamieson l'oreal age perfect cosmetic skin care products selected types & se neutrogena cleansing wipes duo pack or bright boost facial moisturizers seleded types & sires or selected tassimo coffee poos tech nescafé instant coffee selected types huggies tostros tetley home huggies tetley up to aqq dependpoise incontinence products each selected types & sims huggies super boxed dipers selected types & sims l'oréal telescopic of maybelline new york superstay make up products selected types secret invis ble antiperspirant deodorant selected types cheetos snacks tostitos tornilla chips selected types & sa tetley orange pende tea selected types each colgate shreddies colgate sweet alty almond difpes chay caramel carefree tampons selected types each colgate maxfresh manual selected types axe selected types marc anthony or aveeno hair care prooucts selected types & soes post cereal granola bars selected types & s2 each royale assorter claritin dads royale opti-free puremoise solo care of clear care multi-purpose solution twin pack selected types allergy tablets selected types each l'oreal har expertise shampoo or conditioner selected types excludes premium dad's oatmeal g20p of peek freans comes selected types & sias each nice'n easy root touch-up hair colour selected types royale facial tissues selected types lint2 a limt 1.09 loreal royale each each each 3ply strong tylenol muscle aches excellence magic root coverup mgc root coverup royale motrin motrin tylenol muscle aches & body pain caplets excellence of magic root cover up hair colour selected types royale bathroom tissue selected types muscle & body original

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