Shoppers Flyer - 01/23-01/28/2021 (Page 2)

shoppers drug mart exclusive your starting friday january 22 that's 30% in points! the points offer** is waiting load it to get it! open your shoppers drug mart or pc optimum app 20x the points click "load offer" in your weekly email this offer is single-use only offer olso valid at wellwise store locations ritz doritas cheetos crunchy crocurent pepe βερ theon oreo original www coca cola each each coca-cola 4 pepsi beverages 6x 710ml selected types applicable christie cookes crackers selected types & sets doritos chips of cheetos snacks selected types & shoes uint atter mit 3.49 limit atter lint 249 or 4.49 och limita carnaby lindor kisses lindor each valentine chocolates selected types reese chocolate peanut valentine chocolates selected types mccormicks chocolate hearts selected types limite after imit 5.49 rest of west 5.41 after lint 499 best of wook 4.99 umt aber mit 2.93 test of week 2.99 mini eggs red rose monste red bull maxwell houses eneo 99€ selected single serve easter treats each instant coffee selected types red bull energy drinks 43 selected types each lint after init 1.29 rest of week 1.20 aterlint 3.99 rest of week 19 limit alternt 699 kleenex royale original bounty gain royale fleecy each bounty paper towels selected types facial tissues selected types fleecy sheets cbos cheer of gain laundry selected types atte mit 6.99 est of week 3.99 umt after lint 599 rest of wen 5.91 limite alter lint 4.99 rest of week 499 pull-ups goodnites dove tampax pocket zel eroun son soft nendo more always loom lxl each each hugsies jumbo baby wipes training pants selected types & sizes softsoap body wash selected types tampak selected types unit after limit 1199 rest of week 11.99 umt after line 399 rest of week 1.99 amerint 5.49 garnor skinactive colgate maxfresh energizer creste scope ade persect 1max up to each oral-b cavity defence toothbrush 152ml or crest complete stected types each age perfect of garnier selected types & sons ecludes biorenew enersizer batteries lint after lait 1.19 limit ar limit 11.90 best of wok 11

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