Shoppers Flyer - 01/23-01/28/2021 (Page 4)

shoppers drug mart starting friday january 22 seniors' bonus day savings + bonus card see page 4 for details gourmet love these brands? check out our digital flyer life no name price at or pc optimum app for quo joe fresh more savings shoppers drug mart exclusive load it to get it! save get a free your or pc optimum app plus click "load offer" in your with a pc optimum shoppers drug mart weekly email card on almost bonus card with all regular priced a purchase of the points offer that's merchandise is waiting s60 or more on 30% in almost anything in the store points! this offer is offer also valid at well wise store locations single-use only optimum pampers buy 2 get easy ups | coca cola each l'oréal telescopic mascara pampers of eyeliner pampers selected types super boxed diapers or training pants selected types & sizes targets tough pain fast campbell motrin douro golden escape y'in squash tylenol tions pel or 179 each limits lessons pepsi coca-cola selected types where applicable sodan lays clan butternut chunky nes arthritts qtips chinon baby toiletries selected types 8 sizes pan relief products selected types each maybelline new york uash sensational mascara fit me makeup products selected types cach campbell's soup selected types calvin klein escape eau de toilette sabor eau de parfum 50 selected types selection may vary by store while guantities last nachecks lay's potato chips selected types & ses liit atelit 329 cach benylin hellogg's two tam thermare avène coughpus code acritin vichy scoops kelley raisin bran family digestive loops car minera tylenol cold vichy dads up 10 boptimum of tylenol cold products selected types selected toes & sons life brand muscle & back 1005 or ibuprofen pain relief products selected types kellogg's cach krispies of kids cereal selected types & sans each avene lunar new year gift containing cleansing foam any mvene skin care products selected types san while festas e anches peek freans cookies pc granola bars selected types & se pes cold als மாக weine ayreno poby via instant aloe vete nabob bold maxwell house lubriderm life naal moni congestane vitamin vitamin folgers up to cough & cold products selected types vitamin products selected types & up to % aveeno facial moisturizers of life brand skin care products lotion selected types each ground coffee of folgers selected you each bach or starbucks via instant selected types new white colgate total mooth dove wonder listerine zer cromoros listerine win colgate ople white tasr gillette fuskin proglide wonder listerine antiseptic mouthwash od selected lys gillette cartridges selected types sach colgate total advanced selected types alberto styling of nach selected types & sizes excludes large sizes & premium wonder white or whole wheat bread selected types peanut butter each bach selected types srea pauli sport tampons dawn vim naturala inicen easy power ching relerence comfort selected types life brand selected you preference hair colour selected types natural instincts nice'n easy o l'image zach hair colour selected types ivory 673m each dish soap ovim cleaners selected yes facial tissues limit 6 after limit 996 loreal inet each max magic swampoo nves sofbrew douce tena incontinence products selected types & sizes keratin oil stutto l'oréal magic dry shampoo care products selected types & sizes bathroom tissue selected types tuna super sort.ultra doux

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