Shoppers Flyer - 05/07-05/12/2022 (Page 9)

products & pricing are available at food store locations only bes barilla south create mano mat penne rigate le cres shop five helene sour cream paceutiche he cream shop frans pailleta choir baxter 6%me sms crew ice cream sour cream spaghetti vanilla barilla ice cream sour cream 500ml selected types maple leaf selected types shop flavours ice cream 946ml selected types each baxter 2sne clover cottage cheese fish sticks armstrong armstrong baked light tuna baxter cottage comer fish sticks cheese raked light tuna baxter cottage cheese 500g selected types armstrong cheese snacks 105 selected types clover leaf skpack tuna 170g selected types high liner fish sticks 2008 healthy choice steamers frozen entrees selected types & sizes each sach giuseppe puteria pizza philadelphia whipped pops dips biuseppe pilleria pizza pops philadelphia dips griginal philadelphia selected types philadelphia black diamond cheestrings & giuseppe garlic fingers 3178 pillsbury pizza pops 43 selected types each hot dogs orona yaco nach silk silk cgt heinz beans lindemag val oat almond original hot dogs orionas silk selected types saputo shredoed cheese 320g selected types maple leaf hot dogs 375 kraft dinner pasta sauce selected types & ses each ben's original natyrale skechnie bas ben's original simatic diced tomatoes ocate வா iquid honey miel liquide cond almond breeze bai flow per diced tomatoes evian grande ber original ougonale ben's original selected types & ses no name canned tomatoes 796m selected yes pc 750 honey selected types selected types flow alkaline selected types each or 149 nach or 2.99 each ben's original popping com mais à éclater fast & fancy vice & bon ben's original sale french's fast & fancy vite & bor yellow lleon roar great steel gres reis popping com mais à éclater leor cooking sauce selected types & sizes bick's frenchs yellow mustard bens original fast & fancy side dish 1328 selected types selected types no nane popping cornike each or 119ench milk-bone temptations temptations newi greenies purina cat pulins pot whiskas friskies real chicken mediun original complete teene mat sections whiskas 20% more protein up to milk-bone dog treats selected types & scans whiskas temptations cat treats 85g selected types purina selected types whiskas dry cat food 1.5kg-2 selected types cach or 229 each sign up for shoppers drug mart pc optimum points emails when you sign up for emails and spend $40 or more on almost anything** sign up at

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