Shoppers Flyer - 05/01-05/06/2021 (Page 4)

no name shoppers ś love these brands? check out our digital flyer life at or pc optimum app for quo joe fresh more savings drug mart buy beauty and get rewarded get seniors' bonus day value! save get a free plus with a pc optimum shoppers drug mart card on almost bonus card with all regular priced a purchase of merchandise $50 or more on almost anything in the store pc optimum bonus points when you spend 8125 or more on savings + bonus card "see page 4 for details red rose advil advil doritos cheetos ritz maxwel houses maxwell folgers original oreo cutes advil pain relief products selected types instant coffee selected types ground coffee of selected types doritos chips of cheetos snacks selected types & sons christie cookies of crackers selected types & scans beverages 6x 710ml selected types deposit & envio lewy where applicable afterlint 13.99 rest of 1999 lint after mit 2.99 best of week limt alinit 7.99 or fach lint alte int249 limt after limit 3.99 colgate total colgate filax fresh kleines royale ora max crest scope colgate sensitive satu royale bounty sot doux colgate 360" manual toothbrush selected types selected types fleecy fabric softener gain liquid laundry selected types badi cavity defense toothbrush whitening scope or colgate maxfresh toothpaste art 95 selected types test of week 16 paper towels selected types bach selected hopes lime alter limit 3.99 umet best of week mater rest of we mit 5.99 ater int6.9 rest of week 698 aner ind 6.95 up to ensure ensure ensure each cara cca-cola l'oreal narbon ensure ensure ensure revitalift selected types l'oréal revitalift facial moisturizers life brand sunog skin care products selected types & sizes pepsi coca-cola pepsi beverages 21 selected types where applicable shakes olay aveeno recent lays lays bull monster easy ups qio up to up to tena incontinence products saca selected types & suns super boxed dwers of selected types sims nivea facial moisturizers olay regenerist facial moisturizers - cleansers selected types & ses aveeno positively radiant of neutrogena hydro boost facial moisturizers selected types & red bull energy drinks's selected types lay's potato chips selected types limit 4 aer int329 new new loads of rigins her cheerios fame digestive hello tampax rich schwy chocolate op pstion colgate keep manual sensitive pro-relief hello oral care products selected trpes & sms always pi yspids 0-180 selected types bigshow up shine maybelline new york fit me makeup products selected types loreal nude intensel maybelline new york volum express sensatoil mascara selected new.dr mudeleostic rch & chewy granola bars peek freans cookies selected types & sias general mills cheerioso kds cereal selected types & sus srca flexible claritin com maric band-aid carius chunky golden butternut squash up to or band-aid bandages selected toes claritin 40's - 50's selected toes dry spray antiperspirant deodorant 1076 selected types peanut butter selected types each sch campbell's soup selected toes selected types such tylenol dove extra streng probiotic motrin היי את pain relief products selected types jamieson natural health prgoucts dove bar sop 3 x 106 antiperspirant deodorant selected types nice'n easy root touch-up each selected types selected types each each unt back up to each spring source naturel omega-3 keratin oil pantin vitamin pintine life brand vitamins nature's bounty of sundown naturals natural health products selected types & sizes pantene hair affair blends ogx hair care products selected types & sizes excludes pantene premium & colour or 1.99 each natural spring water selected types apple

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