Shoppers Flyer - 05/14-05/20/2022 (Page 3)

life no name love these brands? check out our digital flyer at or pc optimumapp for more savings shoppers drug mart quo joe fresh save seniors' day with a pc optimum card on almost all regular priced merchandise how will you spend it? shoppers drug mart savings card when you spend $75 or more on almost anything in-store "see page 4 for details "see page 7 for details white wonder tostitos sonde sound red rose iritz ting spring source maxwell houses oreo original wonder natural spring water deposit & enviro levere wonder white whole wheat bread 500g selected types ruffles potato tostitos tortilla chips instant coffee selected types christie cookies or crackers selected types & sus bach coca-cola pepsi beverages 6x710ml selected types deposit ein levy were police table limit afterlinit 299 limit atert 3.49 rest of week 199 unit each unte limit aveen uecer பொங்க ereg purex max downy soft doux neutrogena sun care products selected types & se exclades duo packs life brand natural health products selected types & sites jamieson vitamin products selected types & sizes replacement shares selected types downy detergent selected types bathroom tissue selected lipes aterim rest of work 19 alte limit 399 rest of wed 399 limit sterlinit 729 rest of up to up to jamieson omega-3 cca cola jamieson summer joint relief jamieson natural health products கயை selected types & sizes pepsi qio nivea q10 facial moisturizers life brand sun acne of skin care products selected types & sizes coca-cola or pepsi beverages 21 selected types where applicable mate 4= 6 rolls mat bounty up to optimum get nature's bounty vitamin products tena incontinence products each selected types & sans strivectin skin care products 10x seeded types sites coréal voluminous mascara covergirl ink it by perfect each point plus eyeliner exhionist up gloss selected types 99€ facial tissues bounty 2 roll 4 roll each paper towels selected types umit atelit 799 pts smartfeed mvekerd alevays on wille hay sport als inten toer tampak always radiant liners selected types hair care products selected types & sizes phim oru by kotex pads selected types nice'n easy root touch-up each hair colour selected types dann selected types miss vickie's chips smartfood popcorn selected types & ses orch colgate colgate sensitive optic white nabob wir un colgate otel colgate total gillette maqui maxwell maxwell colgate 360° manual toothbrush stoothpaste selected types head & shoulders hair care products selected types & sues excludes premium & clinical each colgate sensitive pro-relief selected types gillette selected types nescafe gold instant starbucks via instant maxwell house selected types selected types easy ups tylenol corn flakes schools rasin bron pama motrin nation dads pampers super boxed diapers of each training pants selected types & sures notrin sach tylenol pain relief selected types dove 0% aluminumo degree antiperspiranti selected types each antiperspirant deodorant selected types tech kellogg's nos cereal selected types & sizes dad's oatmeal peek freans cookies pc granola bars selected types sims alan brewey claritin lindt rapid dissolve loratadine oraly disneyaning swiss classk com each dove each allergy milk som chocolate arius or 2.79 each dual action 12 hour mitchum chocolat au lait allergy tablets selected types dove body wash mitchum advanced selected types lindt chocolate bar selected types

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