Shoppers Flyer - 03/20-03/26/2021 (Page 2)

super sale! amazon fire 7" 16gb tablet rest of week 69.99 canon eos m200 mrrorless camera fire hd 8 32gb tablet samsung galaxy a51 • phone sm-a515 each cach caron eos asus rca home theatre projector with 100" screen rest of week 99.99 helix gimbal stabilizer or content creator studio kit rest of week 69.99 notebook acer core i5 acer acer selected dvds or blu-ray selection may vary by store up to energizer max batteries rest of week 13.99 monster nomad or sidekick bluetooth speaker energizer acer energizer 1max lectron hs8 electric scooter amazon fire 7" kids 16gb tablet sylvania outdoor weatherproof rock speakers rest of week 79.99 ecoxgear splash floating speaker cach gorge up to gazillion bubble storm of bubble mill rest of week 14.99 selected water bottles or mugs rest of week up to 15% off granitestone diamond 5-piece non-stick aluminum cookware of bakeware set rest of week 44.99 frigidaire bread or ice maker rest of week 99.99 cach up to wild for style backrest cushions giant art collection stationery or slimy sand rest of week 19.99 crayola scribble scrubbie safario just my style tie-dye tub selected types rest of week 14.99 gà thu scrubbie gillette sensor3 or disposable razors • selected types philips 3000 series shaver or epilator • rest of week up to 25% off limita • rest of week 7.99 tie dye selal up to quo beauty sunglasses of joe fresh umbrellas selected types rest of week 10x pts life brand optimum face masks get 12ml - 15ml 20x selected types oral-b manual crest pro-health or burt's bees toothpaste selected types rest of week 5.49 listerine antiseptic oral-b power selected type rest of week up to 20% off orale life usterine optimum buy 2 get pls up to cottonelle bathroom tissue selected types rest of week 6.99 finish dishwasher detergent or air wick air fresheners selected types & sizes rest of week up to 30% off haribo gummy darrell lea soft australian liquorice selected types hershey's · brookside • chocolate snacks selected types ofr cottonelle haribo goldbears finish brookside ultimate suurillas liquorice reguisse douce coflonelle kisses starbucks lavazza ground starbucks k-cup selected types rest of week 8.99 carnaby sweet selected types limit rest of week 249 no name original celebration trail mix ikg rest of week 11.99 tortilla chips selected types rest of week 2.99 lavalla prach le pour tortilla keurig hot jujubes peche montagnard pike place salsa douc 02-flapne

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