Shoppers Flyer - 06/12-06/18/2021 (Page 2)

cermanno ermanent neostrata optimum up to buy 2 get buy 2 get anthelios sun care products selected types & sizes pts neostrata or enlighten skin care products selected types & sizes dermablend professional makeup products selected types pts pantene sane gheo up to each off l'oréal voluminous mascara or color queen eyeshadow selected types each selected hand sanitizers excludes travel sizes while quantities last no rainchecks l'oréal hair epertise bo renew pantene hair care products selected types & sizes eclades premium pantene colour fracts ever nizoral rogine up to | fructs hair care products selected types & sizes excludes large sizes & dry shampoo each l'oréal everpure 250m head & shoulders hair care products selected types & sizes excludes clinical nizoral anti-dandruff hair growth treatment regrowth products selected types & sizes olay serums ade ver olay ola gillette fins each vaseline each olay serums pressed stick facial moisturizer selected types & sizes gillette fusions proglide skinguard or venus razor systems selected types selected types waterpik waterlosser charcoal optimum cros buy 2 get pts up to each waterpik ultra sonicare power selected types oral-b pro-rex charcoal manual toothbrush burt's bees toothpaste selected types crest 3d white oral-b pro 500 or kids selected types sering optimum buy 2 get bull dog pls fleecy up to lady speed stick antiperspirant deodorant each bulldog shave of skin care products selected types & sizes fleecy fabric sheets laundry detergent selected types limt 4 after limit 5.99 selected types ourcinae ethength pepcid kleenex madinin mingen maxwell royale ory pepcid folgers eco royale up to pepcio each each ac acid control tablets 50's - 80's selected types maxwell house folgers k-cup coffee selected types facial tissues limit 4 after limit 6.99 ww55 am bear esty nabob vinsane cocoute paws celebration chade chocolat aulat chu pire face each each lindt chocolate bar selected types leclerc celebration cookies or cookies selected types & sizes nescafe gold instant starbucks via instant selected types or 299 each nature valley energizer lindor trail mix hans nature valley 1max aaad lunch box energizer nare toblerone each betty crocker fruit snacks of nature valley granola bars selected types & sizes each toblerone chocolate lindor chocolate bags selected types energizer customer is responsible for the payment of any applicable deposit or product packaging recycling te that may apply

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