Shoppers Flyer - 01/02-01/07/2021 (Page 2)

your that's 30% in points! the points offer** is waiting load it to get it! open your shoppers drug mart or pc optimum app 20x the points click "load offer" in your weekly email this offer is single-use only offer also valid at wellwine store locations royale the great canadian doo pepe coca-cola tassimo ultraplus! royale origina ench each coca-cola or pepsi beverages 6x710ml selected types where applicable ground coffee selected tassimo coffee pods royale bathroom tissue selected types & sizes after limit 3.49 after limit 7.99 rest of week 8.99 after limit 6.99 rest of week 6.99 ritz doritos cheetos der crunchy the orig croquwy original oreo lori downy vide christie cookies or crackers selected types & sizes doritos chips of cheetos snacks selected types & sizes bounce sheets downy fabric softener selected types after limit 2.49 or 449 each after limit 5.99 rest of week 5.99 norme evaporated milk partly simmee milk swel noise tente each no name evaporated milk selected types no name or pc facial tissues 6's each kraft hazelnut spread selected types lmt4 after limit 1.49 pest of week 149 after limit 499 rest of week 499 after limit 4.99 rest of week 4.99 arnier tauro energizer aaa10 1ma energizer nax belle color l'image each each pepsi non-carbonated limit 4 selected types after limit 499 + deposit & envirolery rest of week 499 where applicable energizer belle color or l'image hair colour selected types limit after limit 11.99 rest of week 11.99 after limit 5.99 rest of week 5.99 boost pantene barrow whole blends boost melatonin omega up to each each boost meal replacement shakes 6's selected types life brand natural health products selected types & sizes l'oreal har expertise hair care products limit selected types & sues after limit 3.99 excludes large size rest of week 3.99 premium umit after limit 9.99 rest of week 9.99 abreva colgate colgere abreva colgate white renewal abrova abreva abreva cold sore treatment each colgate optic white renewal toothpaste selected types colgate extra clean manual toothpaste selected types after limit 20.99 after limt 549 after limit 99€ rest of week 950 while quantities last we reserve the right to limit quantities out regular price

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