Shoppers Flyer - 06/26-07/02/2021 (Page 9)

products & pricing are available at food store locations only janes real sumple simple hot dogs original pub style chicken burgers erch each d'italiano janes after limit 5.49 rest of week 5.99 janes pub style chicken or strips 700g real single simple hany hot dogs orional after limit 3.99 rest of week 3.99 maple leaf hot dogs 375g pub style chicken white after limit 2.99 d'italiano brizzolio wonder white of whole wheat bread selected types nuggets wonder ristorante baxter sussex each butter after limit 3.49 after limit 2.79 after limit 3.99 baxter sussex grade "a" large white eggs delissio baxter butter 454g butter after limit 3.69 rest of week 3.99 armstrong or saputo mozzarella delissio thin crispy casa di mama or ristorante frozen pizza selected types & sizes in cape mno coolante selected types popsicle scotsburn activia loads of raisins frecracker chocolate out fruit surces milk harvest crunch activia diye real original breyers class vanilla scotsburn chocolate milk il selected types danone activia yogurt 650g selected types quaker pc cereal selected types & sizes breyers of popsicle novelty bars selected types & sizes cracker barrel aunt jemima pan sole health break antioxia comece original oasis cracker barrel simply orange chipits haddoch peak iced teao selected types cracker barrel natural cheese slices 125 selected types maritime pride large brown eggs1 dezen each op selected types high liner pan-sear selects fish fillets selected types teach each @mation earth's down sofresh earth's own becel singles foreiders bline alden jorrel evaporated still almond almond singles schools be killer becel original conosoma la conden earth's own alternative beverages 946 selected types becel margarine 4548 selected types kraft singles 223 schneiders blue ribbon bologna 500 each milk selected types each ditaliano "armstrong tex mex "armstrong tha motarelli deligt nutella d'italiano heluvagood! baileys 400 silk international delight selected types armstrong shredoed cheese 320 selected types heluva g000 dip 250g selected types selected types chocolate hazelnut spread teach each pringles one pringles rise fiji monster peps energy drinks selected types coca-cola pepsi beverages il selected types depost ervin levy where pringles selected types nickins horse selected types want exclusive offers? sgnup for mobile text bachowe offers ancial criors ollai

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