Sobeys Flyer - 05/26-06/01/2022 (Page 2)

always fresh potatoes product of usa roma tomatoes product of mexico local product of ontario orange peppers learn how to make coleslaw with our honey garlic grilled chicken sandwich with creamy coleslaw recipe at bulk lemons product of south africa or argentina large red mangoes product of mexico new organic because fair pay for farmers and strengthening communities tastes better in a smoothie 71⁹ organic fairtrade bananas product of prepared fresh prepared fresh daily bbq grillers assorted sizes uf_wk04_p02 the only to reverse rexifrant prepared fresh daily watermelon cuts or slices why organic & fairtrade? prepared fresh off organic air miles swipe & save with air miles card air miles card organic raspberries product of usa or mexico oxo from atlantic canada product of atlantic canada green or red cabbage equifruit 100% fairtrade 2lb bag orri mindig big orri mandarins product of israel 2 lb bag

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