Sobeys Flyer - 12/26-01/01/2020

urban fresh zone 101 urban fresh happy new year try with our honey garlic glaze starting at family size fresh boneless pork tenderloin sterling veal loin chops sterling silver beef tenderloin roast cut from canada aaa grade beef extra large cherries product of chile compliments baby-cut carrots carottes coupées family familial she lays ль classic classique or large pre-ripened avocados product of mexico lay's potato poppables 141g dempster's white or 100% whole wheat bread 675 g or english muffins 6 pk coca cola toshtos toshtos scoops dempster's cocabola rounds white rondes softest coca-cola or pepsi coca-cola mini bottles 8x300 ml or dasani dempster's guten white tostitos save festie meal deal thu fri sat sun | mon tue wed check online or in-store for full holiday hours proudly canadian

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