Sobeys Flyer - 10/22-10/28/2020 (Page 5)

mclean so smooth-si onctueux deli snack portion collation mclean or 3.99 for the laughing cow 8 pk smoked ham turkey breast weten boursin portions la vache quirit srs ail & fines herbes garlic & fine herbs the la vachequirit cheese new.nouveau fromageraspterol fresh soft oeiese wholegrain breadsticks batonnets de ble entier ismo more mcleans organic sliced deli meat fortions no added artificial flavours colours preservatives fromage affiné à páte firm ripened cheese portions del 209 fantino& mondello fantino& mondello delicious délicieuse collation thaai mini tracht itu babybel then sluned! salametti original salametti original age for babijbel fantino & mondello dry cured calabrese or salami selected babybes sensations babybet applewood smoked cheddar aged 2 years cheddar fume au bois de pommier vieilli 2 ans sensations starting at schneiders schneiders hot smoked over real applewood chips fumé aux copeaux de veritable bois de pommier deli volant served canadian cheddar cheese fromage cheddar canadien starting at compliments 36% 34% more sensations by compliments cheddar 2-5 year old or applewood desema keep recere garderen raised without antibiotics selected bakery starting at cupcakes 6pk kimberley's bakeshoppe vanilla sugar frosted harvest bonus miles all items on sale until october 31st while quantities last bonus miles bonus miles bonus miles hallowe'en dessert cakes pumpkin or spider 1.2 kg starting at hallowe'en brownie cakes mummy or caramel apples floral skull with spider plant bromeliad in 4" clay pot air brush or painted roses 3-stem bunch uf wk26_po4

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