Sobeys Flyer - 11/19-11/25/2020 (Page 11)

sobeys urban fresh proudly canadian one bonus miles piller's natural selections piller's turkey bites pepperoni value size natural maple leaf natural selections family pack carved or shaved selected selections shared piller's mini pepperoni or turkey bites scauctions compliments cheese sticks batonets de fromas bonus miles | panache bacon wrapped scallops pétences bardds de bacon starting from baked in-store baked in-store free of equal or lesser value gourmet cinnamon buns plain or with cream cheese icing organic flax compliments meat or seafood appetizers easy entertaining choose from 70 freshly prepared trays pre-order in-store or online at sobeys scan this code to see our assortment try our fry with tasty triangles serves european cheese board or nature's bounty trays oikos mccain mccain wedges dikos compliments salted butter superfries quartiers buy 1 at $3.99 buy 3 or more tos oikos greek yogurt or light & free yogurt 4 pk mccain superfries or wedges campbella mere jun com hellmann's chunky motts real vrai ranns redhoi beef - beuf garden clamato cocktail welchs organic mayonnaise 443 ml or frank's red hot sauce 354 ml mott's clamato or garden cocktail campbell's chunky soup local from this land to your family cuenta quinoa eansbiansfer ý quà nà butter sours sweet pes lab dee led viet potas te coud delu juste up soupe med ami to exclusive bombay tomato home hoe bombay tomato tomate bombay just juste soup soupe art da da just soup 580 ml just soup minis 314 ml la dee da sauces 475 ml www yonge & balliol rosebury sg plaza bloor & islington international incorporated uf_wk30_p08_zone

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