Sobeys Flyer - 03/12-03/18/2020 (Page 3)

meat fresh boneless pork belly portions value size value size compliments fresh air-chilled fresh pork shoulder blade steaks or roast value size extra lean ground compliments fresh air-chilled whole chicken value size certified tender tendreté certifiée sterling sterling silver striploin steaks or roasts cut from canada aaa grade beef beef brisket roast or whole cut from milydale maple lodge lily dale real simple veal simple lou's chicken breast strips es potes the original moto share chicken wieners saucisses fumees de poulet natural smoked ham jambon fume naturel original lou's with natural ingredients is mauris bonus miles buy 1 at $2.49 buy 2 or more bonus miles lilydale oven roasted chicken or turkey breast maple leaf natural or schneiders applewood maple lodge farms lou's fully cooked pork pinty's donair compliments compliments pub&grill pin fully cooked regional bbq robuste serves entirekintcuresti dr creare rorostett traditional meat lasagna lasagne à la viande traditionnelle cokoudlybenoir compliments asian entrées or chicken balls bonté donair kits compliments meat lasagna 2.27 kg pinty's pub & grill or eat a3 a3 a3

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