Sobeys Flyer - 01/28-02/03/2021 (Page 2)

alwaysfresh eat smart sweet kale salad family pack product of superfood selections eats smart bouquet sweet kale chou frisé doux zespri green kiwi product of italy case navel oranges product of spain green onions product of mexico product canada local product of canada hot house tomatoes product of ontario green or red cabbage taste at its peak lcrisp-sweet-tangy la prince redlared the taste case local mangoes product of peru 2 kg case product of ontario red prince apples extra fancy 2.5 lb large nectarines or peaches yellow or white flesh product of chile downey farms organic downey farms complimente organic biologique baby-cut carrots carottes couples complimente organica blologique carrots carottes organic downey farms gmo-free organic local local compliments organic carrots product of ontario downey farms organic russet red or yellow potatoes 5 lb product of ontario compliments organic whole yves megane let akira prepared fresh prepared fresh lyres free off prepared fresh in-store mixed or tropical fruit salads assorted sizes of equal or lesser value prepared fresh in-store bbq grillers assorted sizes yves ground round uf wk40.poz

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