Sobeys Flyer - 06/02-06/08/2022 (Page 3)

11⁹⁹ seasoned lamb chops greek & lemon or provencal herbs schneiders jumbos classic wieners wieners classiques 6⁹⁹ 8⁹⁹ fresh store made boneless skinless chicken breast or thigh sterling silver cross rib roast or steaks family size cut from schneiders juicy jumbos wieners compliments fully cooked sreaded chicken st langeres de poulet entierement cuites try with our in-store korean bbq marinade fresh pork side ribs breast enconettes de pone e foule bonus when you sterling premium beef hand-selected aaa beef well-marbled aged to perfection cut from canada aaa beef family size 5⁹⁹ marcangelo pork or chicken souvlaki buy more save more try with our in-store maple chipotle glaze for pulled pork starting at 11⁹⁹ compliments cate surgers burgers de bou compliments breaded chicken 15⁹⁹ compliments prime selected varieties 12⁹⁹ 27,9⁹ sterling silver beef tenderloin roast or steaks cut from canada aaa grade beef wrapped meat compliments fresh air-chilled bonus when you compliments salt & pepper selet poivre marcangelo bacon wrapped sirloin compliments value size breaded chicken gგ fresh pork shoulder picnic roast hock 2⁹⁹ certified tender tendrete certifiée honey-miel deli slice turkey-dinde to protein probines fully cooked entierement cuit 55 gold label sliced meats made with werte meat ready for anything pub style turkey strips fully com breaded the estlentes janes pubstyle frozen turkey buy more save more my offers uf wkos po3

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