Sobeys Flyer - 03/19-03/25/2020 (Page 2)

dollar alwaysfresh days bartlett pears product of south africa ль roma tomatoes product of mexico scale for trois gros coeurs de laitue romaine sos large yellow or white peaches or nectarines product of chile andy boy romaine hearts 3 pk or romaine hearts product of usa 5.00 pack bag lemons product of spain bagged avocados product of mexico 5 pk foodland ontario organic organic buy 1 at $4.99 buy 2 or more cauliflower product strawberries product of usa or mexico no 1 grade product of ontario compliments organic sauté blend or shiitake organic long english cucumbers product of comitente comple organic biologique mixed baby greens mesciun naked complimente santa fe salad salade santa fe kevita banana breeze protein wwwling flamen dan dokonigmente pelle avec ganiture srbary aca coc deco organic smooth prepared fresh compliments organic salad blends product of compliments caesar santa fe or oriental salad kit product of usa naked juices or kevita kombucha selected 450 ml cored pineapples

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