Sobeys Flyer - 01/06-01/12/2022 (Page 2)

alwaysfresh cara cara navels product of usa 3 lb moro blood oranges known for their oranges are a perfect and tart cara-cara oranges the pink flesh of these sweet citrus have petal & blackberry moro blood oranges product of usa peak of the season citrus grapefruit product of turkey 3 lb limes product of mexico 1 lb stem and leaf clementines lemons product of usa 1 lb pasimone povolen persimon bouquet cotton candy seedless grapes product of peru no 1.454g iceberg lettuce product of usa no 1 grade persimmons product of spain compliments marvest romaine laitul bohatne gkampetre compliments caesar cesar compliments baby cut carrots carottes courtes proostdesen posao! compliments baby-cut carrots product of usa 340 compliments salad kits or blends selected mini sweet peppers prepared fresh prepared fresh prepared fresh buy 2 get 3rd free prepared fresh in-store yogurt cups assorted sizes prepared fresh in-store mixed or tropical fruit salads assorted sizes prepared fresh in-store chicken caesar salad assorted sizes of equal or lesser value uf wk37 poz

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