Sobeys Flyer - 03/04-03/10/2021 (Page 2)

alwaysfresh large nectarines or peaches yellow flesh product of chile no 1 grade product of us apa lemons product of south bag africa or spain mini watermelons product of mexico no 1 grade alb orange peppers product of mexico compliments product of usa 2 lb bag compliments organic local biologique bag carrots carottes ser product of ontario borse carrots 2 lb bag carottes carrois farms try organic organic carrots organic poids net wt 207 g 2 lb canada no grade asparagus product of mexico or orem valuem morema size case case avocados product of mexico 2 kg case mandarins product of morocco 4 lb case black figs product of mexico compliments garden salad salade jardinière iceberg lettuce product of usa no 1 grade celery product of usa no 1 grade compliments garden salad prepared fresh prepared fresh prepared fresh bonus miles free prepared fresh in-store cored pineapples prepared fresh in-store mixed or tropical fruit salads assorted sizes off of equal or lesser value prepared fresh in-store yogurt cups uf wk45_poz

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