Sobeys Flyer - 12/23-12/29/2021 (Page 2)

alwaysfresa green or yellow zucchini product of green peppers product of mexico serve up prepared fresh buy 2 get 3rd free some festive side dishes of equal or losser value prepared fresh daily bbq grillers assorted sizes try as organic 3 lb for your whole family and guests to enjoy! organic compliments yellow-fleshed pop piotr compliments red rouges product canada product of canada iceberg lettuce product of usa yellow or white nectarines or peaches 3lb bag grapefruit product of turkey mini watermelon product of brazil apricots tonere tanon home hom prepared fresh prepared fresh greek fuig apple prepared fresh daily in-store fruit or vegetable celebration mixed or tropical fruit salads off assorted sizes panera salad dressings selected 355 ml uf wk35 poz

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