Sobeys Flyer - 12/23-12/29/2021 (Page 3)

discover our marrow bones and their marrow bones with grilled mushrooms & bordelaise sauce recipe at meat family size enticing recipe! 449 fresh pork shoulder blade roasts or steak canoe cut beef marrow bones perfect for pulled pork family size fresh boneless pork loin centre tuy with our in-store maple chipotle glaze for pulled pork family size fresh chicken legs family size king cole whole compliments fresh air-chilled chicken drumsticks or thighs certified tender tendreté certifiée sterling grilling top sirloin medallions cut from canada aaa grade beef premium beef hand-selected aaa beef well-marbled aged to perfection cut from canada aaa beef lou's kitchen lou's pulled pork pracha kitchen lou's shaved beef werde boeuf mince au jus bonus bonus when lou's kitchen fully cooked entrées lou's kitchen fully panache simple-carve boneless hickory-smoked compliments fully buy or hore 5.99 ea malo sale included janes compliments compliments pub style compliments cannelloni veoetable pies pates auf et aux legumes wings buffalo cose compliments asian inspired entrées or sweet & sour chicken balls compliments cabbage rolls or cannelloni 907 g-1 kg janes pub style chicken wings 760 gor breaded chicken strips compliments individual pot pies 750 myoffers getmyoffers.on uf_wk35_po3

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