Sobeys Flyer - 01/07-01/13/2021 (Page 5)

gouda deli compliments compliments compliments of equal or lesser value complimenta provolone compliments or sensations by compliments sliced cheese double cream brie cheese fromage brie double crème buy i ot sio.49 buy 2 or more ablar natural natural compliments double cream brie selections shaved emince charcuterie trio buy 2 get 3rd mastro free maple leaf natural selections sliced deli தாவால் salome compliments provolone of equal or lessor volue amet bonus miles good haven or low fat multigrain when you buy starting at free compliments comen mastro charcuterie trio mediterranean charcuterie trio or of participating mcleans or greenfield raised without antibiotics deli meat or maple leaf natural selections or lilydale natural deli meats selection visit our deli service case schneiders schneiders senda sliced fresh starting at value raised without antibiotics selection varies by store bakery foktit promise flatout proteinuf fletcut gluten free sans gluten foldit tiin one promise gluten free buy 1 at $7.99 buy 2 or more brioche brioche loaf pain brioche puede buy i at $4.49 buy 2 or more tow promise gluten free sweets sugar tree flatout flatbreads or foldits brownies buy i at $5.49 buy 2 or more new new baked in-store florale bulk compliments west coast sweets from the earth keto cookies brownies or blondies vegan chocolate chip cookies sas buy 1 of $3.99 buy 2 or more gerbera bouquet assorted colours african violet 4" pot assorted colours spring mixed bouquet compliments roasted almonds uf wk37 poh

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