Sobeys Flyer - 05/20-05/26/2021 (Page 2)

alwaysfresh first season of the from atlantic canada product of atlantic canada first of the season iceberg lettuce product of usa yams product of usa roma tomatoes product of mexico kiwi mware blackberries product of usa or bulk orri mandarins product of spain zespri large green kiwi product of race swim cherubs nauris week comets car tratuneswege glorys 5lb prepared fresh comets tomatoes product of mexico free product of usa 5lb of equal or lesser value prepared fresh in-store bbq grillers selected organic weld seasonal weld compliments organic biologique baby-cut carrots carottes coupées organic buy 1 at $3.49inel puti buy 2 or more organic organic pro pro bio bio tic tic turmere spiced apple cranberry cole organic blueberries compliments organic welo probiotic juices selected 350 ml yves baren vece cuisine spicy italian veggie sausages saucisses veggie italiennes epikees plant based a base de plantes est prepared fresh prepared fresh seismusang ugnerade prepared fresh in-store fruit or vegetable celebration trays prepared fresh in-store watermelon uf wk04 po2

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