Sobeys Flyer - 05/16-05/22/2019 (Page 2)

get grilling zucchini or eggplant product of florida organic grilling vidalia onions product of of argentina extra fancy grade first season of the alb or orange peppers fiddleheads product of great add-ons prepared fresh daily granny smith apples product of italy or usa extra fancy grade or red delicious apples product of usa extra off prepared daily chicken caesar salad selected lemons product of argentina or south africa 2 lb bag serumeled alifornia domos com prepared fresh daily eat smart chopped and crumble salad cherries product of usa no 1 grade prepared daily mixed honeydew or cantaloupe apricots product of usa no 1 grade “ make the most of your floral flowering annuals 6" pot premium hanging baskets or planters 13" pot boston fern 10" pot bulk il planters ronde archidi cam pov nurs acea almonds amandes de mer planters compliments trail mix autumn.colorado deluxe or planters roasted peanuts in shell 2 kg royal nuts roasted almonds great gift idea! our gift cards can be any amount a2 a2 a2

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