Sobeys Flyer - 06/17-06/23/2021 (Page 9)

sobeys urban fresh proudly canadian baked in-store new never ever toujours sans antibiotiques antibiotics humanely raised pothumaine crate free sans cages lunch mate sms greenfield natural heatco natural pepperon a cheese lunch trousse pepperon naturellt fromage schneiders jumbo brioche burger buns seed topped or everything 4 pk dvin roaster tire orce rotester saved roase ams des rotes new flavours eat sala saladaches deordles kia của smart schneiders lunchmate stackers chord saltvingar eat smart savinaigre sky sweet kale choufriedoux et go eat smart salad kits product of usa tastes like summer! vokueste format pleur compliments swiss suisse volueze format voleur value size compliments of equal or lesser value havarti compliments sliced cheese baked in-store silos compliments bacon demi baguettes compliments compliments fresh air-chilled whole chicken compliment toshtos rounds rondes toshtos style restaurant style risin levi amon delissio chem bonus milestone pizzeria deluxe tostitos tortilla chips delissio rising crust or pizzeria post nouvelles crunch chips häagen-dazs ahoy! kellogg's ihe only limited sereal roles french vanilla vanille française internationale activia delight apple active probiotics probiotices actifs häagen-dars vanilla jacks exträaz cookiser cream bes häagen-dazs ice cream or non- novelties 3-4 pk kellogg's cereal selected varieties activia yogurt 8x100 g or international delight 946 ml the health and well-being of partners remains our top priority maintaining distance following directional frequent hand washing & sanitizing not entering the store if sick or unwell arrows spadina bloor & islington yonge & balliol interational incorporated uf_wk08_pos

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