Sobeys Flyer - 08/01-08/07/2019 (Page 2)

prepared fresh "make the most of your long weekend” buy 2 get 3rd free of equal or lesser value prepared fresh bbq grillers selected california dreamy summer lucu on a stick prepared fresh hot & cool and oh 50 buffalo! prepared fresh in-store 10" fruit or vegetable celebration trays 1-13 kg it's called classic for ullaggio villaggio bread or dempster's tortillas johnsonville heinz yellow mustard moutarde tan villaggio schneiders jumbos juicy ost sausage buns pains polo saucisses johnsonville pork smoked sausages or schneiders juicy jumbos wieners prepared fresh buy i get 2nd philadelphia dips boursin orion off la grille aile fines heroes garlice fine herbs prepared fresh in-store salsa or pineapple salsa assorted sizes philadelphia dips dell pickle club house la grille spices ste mara old uutth laus dortos crispers origital classic mox melange classique all dressed ssaiso christie crispers or bits & bites old dutch chips 255 g double frito-lay multi-pack 18-20 pk iged coca-cola good host coon coo edge edge eige pepsi pean alic coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks 2l coors edge or budweiser prohibition non-alcoholic beer or vin zero non-alcoholic wines selected 750 ml goodhost iced tea or lemonade 1.9 kg compliments green leaf or romaine lettuce great gift idea! our gift cards can be any amount soe wild aon powst

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