Sobeys Flyer - 03/18-03/24/2021 (Page 2)

alwaysfresh leeks product of usa organically grow bunch kale product of usa compliments organic salad blends pint grape tomatoes product of mexico pint bi-colour seedless grapes organic artisan downey farms organic pmsfree loppu ser lo sleurs downey farms organic organic organic wres organic bag local product of ontario downey farms organic potatoes compliments organic green onions product of mexico lil snappers product of usa fancy grade 3 lb bag better roasted! sweet potatoes brussels sprouts assorted squashes mother raw greek moiwer ranch nicholog organic biologio prepared fresh prepared fresh free prepared fresh in-store fruit or vegetable celebration trays prepared fresh in-store bbq grillers assorted sizes mother raw vegan dressing delicious of equal or lesser value uf_wk47 poz

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