Sobeys Flyer - 02/18-02/24/2021 (Page 3)

meat value size packe compliments fresh air-chilled panache flattened chicken lemon greek or flank marinating steaks cut from canada aa grade beef value size value size try with fresh pork shoulder blade roasts or steak our in-store bbq whisky marinade fresh boneless pork sirloin chops or certified tender tendreté certifiée beef buy 2 or more ль value size sterling sterling silver top sirloin roast or steaks family size semoga lou's pache natural smoked ham jambon fumé nature black forest ces talle piller's cornmeal back bacon bacon de desen semoule de mais lou's போன schneiders mened smoked original ran ameonora fin bus defies bonus miles piller's cornmeal back lou's bbq pork back panache simple-carve schneiders or maple leaf smoked half ham depublincr 1951 wong wing st hubert sweet & sour chicken poulet aigre doux gratin poulet et brocoli chicken and broccoli gratin compliments salto pepper wong wing selet poivre compliments beef lasagna lasagne au boeuf egg rolls patés impériaux value size buy 2 or more st hubert chicken chicken & broccoli gratin or tourtiere meat pies wong wing entrées egg rolls or mini spring roll variety pack compliments frozen chicken wings or rib tips compliments meat lasagna 2.27 kg myoffers uf wk43_p03

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