Staples Flyer - 03/03-03/16/2021 (Page 3)

solutionshop design print market ship secure shredding services iron mountain safeguard your business and its privacy with the secure disposal of sensitive and confidential information reduce costs of storing and managing useful or necessary to your organization and industry regulations while avoiding choose our drop-off option for small-to-medium shredding needs or select pickup for larger volumes drop-off shredding services typical shredding needs are managed by dropping your your documents will be recycled responsibly and tightly-controlled chain of custody one-time pick-up shredding services if you have bulk shredding needs - greater than that of home or office and disposed of using the same degree of associate to request this service and determine your preferred pickup service iron mountain coming soon to near you shredding pickup subscription bulk shredding needs on a regular basis can be scheduled with documents 03-nat-voi

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