Staples Flyer - 10/09-10/22/2019 (Page 30)

keeping it clean vantage scrubs save 40% reg price 17.99 regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to the well-being of every office as it helps to identify and treat minor issues as they occur and before they become a larger problem viva vantage paper towels sponge-like absorbency • 2-ply sheets • choose-a-sheet so is having the right supplies on-hand before they are needed save 25% save 25% mega scott reg price 16.99 save 25% palmolive 100% recycled fiber bathroom tissue • 2-ply tissue made with 100% recycled fiber cottonelle palmolive traditionnel dish liquid refill original pans sparkling clean reg price 39.99 comfortcare wavy clean cottonelle ripple ultra comfort care mega roll • cleaning ripples texture provides softness and removes more at once for a superior clean vs the leading national value brand pack boites ol- save 20% lingettes osno kills 99.99% eurent & bacteria et bacteries reg price 1199 nabas save 20% lysol reg price 27.99 citrus scent wipes 3x 80 wet wipes • strong and durable plastic garbage bags seliable for all your household or office trash soothing lotion save 20% save 20% save 30% reg price 8.99 reg price 11.99 clorox кооолох lotion facial tissue kleenex lotion tissues include aloe vera and vitamin e for delicate skin • 3-ply facial tissue that is soothing and absorbent • packaging may vary from image shown colorox disinfecting bleach danger • health canada disinfectant & approved to kill a total of difficile spores in 5 minutes vileda professional broom with dustpan in the narrowest spaces flagged tips trap dust and dirt for really clean floors • eco fibres-bristles made of recycled plastic 30-nat

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