Staples Flyer - 10/09-10/22/2019 (Page 31)

save 20% be prepared reg price 27.49 sestaven first aid kit -secourisme accidents happen so it pays to be ready for them with basic supplies to be used in the case of an office emergency • this kit is for businesses operating in ontario with 1-5 employees 100% compliance with first aid training is key and first responders are the first phone call but being ready for smaller incidents is a wise step forward polysporin pain relid seau save 20% polysporin triple save 20% reg price 10.99 purell reg price 3.99 one step handisitter polysporin triple 3 antibiotics provide extra infection protection to speed healing vitamin e enriched save 20% step reg price 18.99 hand sanitizer with aloe within seconds norinsing required 236 ml save 20% purell tex™ touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser or refill • automatically dispense the perfect amount of hand sanitizer in one shot ada compliant and ul-ce registered reg price 8.99 save 20% sieme primed premium surgical face masks made to the highest standards with smooth materials and ultrasonic welding and comfortable fit cooler and more breathable than a classic mask foaming hand sanitizer • effectively kills 99.9% of germs within seconds • npn drug product registered with health canada prima touch vinyl band-aid vinyl save 20% brand adhesive bandades primes save 20% plastic reg price 9.49 save 20% зм safety glasses extended wear reg price 7.99 ychwanen band-aid brand comfort-flex plastic bandages • assorted • all-purpose bandages primed vinyl medical exam gloves • primatouch® vinyl exam gloves offer a high valued and dependable solution to those allergic to natural latex • appropriate for short term and routine tasks involving excellent tactile sensitivity which is further enhanced 31-nat

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