T&T Supermarket Flyer - 03/20-03/26/2020 (Page 2)

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大統華tt tue wed thur 日震撼價 gta stores only 只大多是各分店 flyers on wechat 每週特價看微信 qua gala apple 基拿蘋果 usa 佳 las last guan's seafood mushroom 海鮮菇 china frozen rosemary & garlic lamb loin chop 急凍香蒜迷迭香羊扒 fresh partridge 新鮮鶴 spring ass mneau printem rosemary & gardkc lambloe chops otelettes de longe d'acna au romarin et a l'all frozen tilapia kabayaki belly 急凍蒲燒鯛腹排 急凍有頭老虎蝦 rimp creva as norwate tilapia venty 南无复 ettes 「テラビア customer service hotline check our website for more specials advertised prices and product selection may vary by store thist adverticement do not necessarly represent items on sales ano unintentional errors that may occur in the copy or illustrations 所有商品數量有限,售完為止,不另設兑换券。 大花車超級市保留隨時取消,落止,有 興 size 片僅供票書,商品實際售數量、價格,色; 規格以現場陳列為準。 join us on facebook 請成為我們的粉絲

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