T&T Supermarket Flyer - 07/31-08/06/2020 (Page 2)

去 onter spinach 菠菜 usa dragon fruit 火龍果 vietnam golden kiwi box 盒裝黃金奇異果 new zealand organic enoki mushroom 有機金針菇 canada 即止。 即止 即止。 即止。 sungola only rar fri sat sun mon 五六日- only rar 五六日- only rp fri sat sun mon 五六日- fresh atlantic salmon fillet 新鮮大西洋三文魚柳 only 只限 五六日- frozen cooked crayfish selected 1kg些小花难。 one frozen black tiger shrimp 急凍去頭老虎蝦 frozen new zealand greenshell mussel 急凍紐西蘭半殼青口 新一 “是。 。 mussels certified angus only rr fri,sat sun mon 五六日一 fresh boneless pork shoulder butt frozen skin-on lamb ribs fresh certified angus beef fresh chicken 新鮮叉燒肉 急凍帶皮燒焗羊排 striploin steak 新鮮無荷爾蒙走地雞 新鮮頂級 認證安格斯 紐約牛扒 only rr only 只限 only rp |only 只限 fri,sat sun 五六日 | lb 五六日 bualuang frozen durian logo drinkable selected synear pan cakes selected beidahuang organic without seed 御連急凍 無核榴槤 油豆角 fögo lögo nang nang maling pork luncheon meat 上海梅林午餐肉的部分。 作聲的三 sigol roasted & salted seaweed sigol鹽燒海苔 seasoned seaweed 年12月 limial for and up s&b torokeru curry selected dark soy sauce 味極鮮 起 and up unscented lactobacillus & fino高效滲透髮膜 華液 enzyme powder 230g | 民間亮相上 shanghai mailing in 海天 区 he yu dried products selected zojirushi fuzzy rice cooker 象印邏輯電飯鍋 乳酸酵素 起 and up crazy price d挑戰市場低價 and up premium to butterfly sushi set 胡蝶舞之花 egg yolk sticky rice 蛋黃糯米雞 2pcs bbq ribs 蜜汁燒排骨 t&t kitchen spicy chicken with chili+ soy sauce fried noodles combo 辣子雞丁十鼓油皇炒麵 套餐組合 tray portuguese tarts with pearl ctat 黑糖珍珠塔 6pcs bakery check our website for more specials ottawa store hunt club marketplace 大統華tt online shop rera business hours *bor tntsupermarket.com | more-sun 星期一至星期日 9am-10pm find us on facebook請成為我們的粉絲 所有商品數量有限,售完為止;不另設免換券。 adverthed prices and product selection may vary by store location t&t supermarket reserves the airport

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