T&T Supermarket Flyer - 06/05-06/11/2020 (Page 4)

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t&t kitchen 味 幫幫小事 傳 ontario stores only 只限安省各分店 标 passing on traditions rice dumplings - pork rice dumpling in lotus leaf 金牌懷舊裹蒸粽 pork rice dumpling 全自然東坡肉瑤柱荷葉粽 cantonese rice dumpling with egg yolk & pork 廣式蛋黃肉粽 taiwanese egg yolk & pork rice dumpling 台式香菇蛋黃肉粽。 taiwanese rice dumpling with peanut & pork 台南花生肉粽 eight treasures salted pork rice dumpling 八寶鹹肉棕 $3.79 tea shanghai salted pork rice dumpling 上海鮮肉粽 shanghai rice dumpling with egg yolk & pork 上海鮮肉蛋黄粽 black glutinous rice dumpling with longan & runner bean 桂圓黑糯米粽 chinese red date rice dumpling 北方大康棕 $3.79 rea red bean paste rice dumpling 紅豆沙粽 lye water rice dumpling with lotus seed paste 鹼水蓮蓉粽 free gif 5%。 10% off with single purchase of 贈品 free cooler bag 定完 以單一收據調度各個或以上95%。 即止。 以單一收據開買o個或以上享 再送精美購物冰袋一個 applicable on $3.79 rice dumplings only linit to one offer each time 只用於背部之子 每次時間儘可享受一楼優惠 photos are for reference only 圖片僅供參考

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