T&T Supermarket Flyer - 06/19-06/25/2020 (Page 3)

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ter t&t 爸爸 happy # father's day kitchen 統華小廚 salt and pepper live crab 游生豬鹽螃蟹 scallop with sugar snap peas 帶子炒甜豆 deep fried fish fillet 酥炸黃金魚 deluxe seafood platter 豪華海鮮拼盤 leage side disho 凉拌小菜 singtwinwinn ninanon clam in black bean sauce 游小鼓棉纱织 "live lobster with onion and ginger 游小生薑葱炒龍蝦 我爸爸 super value 6分5組合 combo 豪華海鮮拼盤+綜合壽司派對醫 綜合壽司派對醫 以上各項促銷商品,請於一天前預定。售完即止。 photos are for reference only 回片尾供参考 t&t otawa store only 僅限大統華首都分店

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