Thrifty Foods Flyer - 10/01-10/07/2020 (Page 2)

dacole ore four weeks of savings! prices lowered until grimm's pumpkin almond or butter tart naturally smoked sausage rings selected tin frui ון זוטר each ind tre nasko ham garlic sausage naturales sacrid naturally sonid schneiders snack kits selected fing cond sales red wine sa salami au alian dry salami alami sec italien schneiders buy guy more schneiders day cant sales genoa salami salami de genes free run starting at baked each in-store white or whole wheat bread baked in-store more each or 1 for $1.99 island gold free run large brown eggs produced on vancouver island or the lower mainland we pick first bergen farms frozen fruit we pick each bc first coors edge non-alcoholic beer food each or 1 for $3.99 island farms sour cream made in victoria tree island greek natural yogurt made in courtenay 1.5kg olympic organic yogurt krema or greek made in delta olympic zema sour olympic cream organic ce island son each each we pick first first smart ones compliments frozen veggies complimente weight watchers smart ones entrées selected boom! harvest vegetables recolte snow crest boom smoothie mix smart ones room! complimente petites boom! cmart ones each aha sparkling water vita coco coconut water compliments potato chips or extraaa! flavour chips mpliments nha hiện ut water aun vila coco coors compliments extraaa! new buy coconut oconut water peron holic new aha miles each each for when you "buvi tang or crystal light water enhancers kelloggs cheez-it crackers fresh is best tortilla leclerc celebration cookies cheez it ebration chips cresh is bis chocolate celebration ort buy new original dark chocolate more dl-aid la tortila tor mio each totes or 1 for $4.79 thrifty foods es deposit & enviro levies are applicable tf_wk23_po2

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