Thrifty Foods Flyer - 10/01-10/07/2020 (Page 4)

produce fresh pomegranates california sanlucar seedless tangerines grown in australia exclusive to thrifty foods on sale on sale sanfucar each per lb bc red or yellow potatoes grown in delta or on vancouver island stock up early! yellow onions grown in alberta bc brussels sprouts grown in the lower mainland bcfresh bcfresh brussels sprouts choux de bruxelles courcel on sale on sale brussels sprouts on sale oux de uxelles we pick first 2$6 bc each first bc ambrosia apples grown in the okanagan valley bc mini peeled carrots grown in delta bc mini cucumbers grown in delta or on vancouver island awrocin pemes bc fresh led carrots carottes on sale on sale on sale we pick we pick first each forst forst fraserlam bc organic honeycrisp apples grown in the similkameen valley organic fraserland farms bc organic russet potatoes grown in delta odge organic russet potatoes ammes de terre biologiques canada non on sale on sale we pick per lb first of the season each first organic first organic organic red grapes grown in california organic pineapple costa rica organic cauliflower california bc organic cabbage lower mainland on sale on sale on sale on sale we pick per lb each organic organic organic first organic take it to go! large or small fruit platter made in-store daily made in-store large or small vegetable platter grillers whole cored made in-store daily daily or half cored pineapple made in-store daily was $4.99 raner caminard large on sale large on sale on sale whole cored on sale each each each was 24.99 was $5.99 was 6.99 thrifty foods te ww23 pog

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