Thrifty Foods Flyer - 10/24-10/30/2019 (Page 4)

produce sanlucar only fields with the best quality yield are fit sanfucar sanlucar seedless tangerines grown in south africa to be called sanlucar handpicked and sorted each sanlucar orange is a food orn experience cauliflower large grown in california ako on sale on sale each fach each cauliflower popcorn jet fresh ataulfo mangoes large grown in peru picked & flown in jet fresh for exquisite flavour bc klondike rose potatoes grown in delta bc brussels sprouts grown in delta choux de bruxelles brussels sp sch canada ne choux de bruxelles brussels sprouts on sale here on sale bc sh klondike rose rsa yellow fleshed potatod mesut terre achar inn on sale we pick we pick mango mousse each first bc anjou pears grown in the okanagan valley jumbo pomegranates grown in california large fruit tray large vegetable tray turve camminare on sale on sale on sale on sale we pick first made in-store each each made in store daily daily organic avocados large grown in mexico organic broccoli bunch grown in california organic champs bc organic mushrooms or steakmate blend grown in langley on sale on sale on sale we pick organic each organic first organic farthbound organic lemons grown in california organic celery bunch grown in california earthbound organic green seedless grapes grown in california earthbound farm baby romaine baby lettuce mixed baby kales or baby arugula grown in california on sale earthbor carthbound on sale on sale on sale organic organic organic organic pineapple large island cov bc german butter potatoes grown on vancouver island german putter compliments garden salad or-coleslaw grown in costa rica smile priced produce complimente garden seed we pick cach each each same great quality was 5.99 was 5.99 perst was 2.49 bc bosc pears grown in the okanagan valley grapefruit grown in south africa tri-colour onions grown in washington grapefr per lb each we pick first pear & walnut strudel each was 4.99 was 5.99

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