Thrifty Foods Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 13)

flowers & more let our customer care representatives put you in touch with the thrifty foods floral designer nearest you tropical month of the aeschynanthus radicans on sale this week and available all month at your thrifty foods on sale we pick first each when you buy we pick on sale first aeschynanthus radicans bonus miles when you buy1 on sale each one dozen roses assorted colours we picn first water on sale fertilizer cyclamen assorted colours grown in surrey 6" pot herbs assorted varieties grown in victoria 4" pot light lipstick plants appreciate bright but filtered of flowering and leaf drop soil plants grow as epiphytes often rooting onto water although lipstick plants like consistent moisture particularly during their most prolific growing fertilizer your lipstick plant will appreciate regular applications of a slow-release fertilizer during the growing season we pick first on sale freesia assorted colours grown in chillwack 10-stem bunch we pick first each on sale on sale on sale we pick gerbera assorted colours grown in pitt meadows each geranium pots assorted colours grown in victoria disbud mums assorted colours each rrst bulk scoop up the savings! por walnuts walnuts noix noix on sale on sale on sale on sale dan-d pak walnuts halves & pieces each dan-d pak peanuts in the shell each roasted pub mix salted or unsalted roasted cashews selected fruit ruit fruit huer frugogo gosto gummies gélifiés organic on sale on sale on sale on sale sunrype fruit to go fruit leathers huer candy tubs or cups each milk or dark chocolate covered peanuts or raisins organic whole natural almonds thrifty foods te wkos pio

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