Thrifty Foods Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 15)

thrifty foods eat happy bc fresh spot prawns bc fresh wild spot prawns now available! first of the season they're gone! spot prawns have a firm meaty using the pot or trap method and can be targeted with virtually zero bycatch which minimizes the impact on the seafloor which protects the ocean! in bc waters we pick wise on sale per 100g ocean first sfresh is bes com nut mix fancy nut mix melange de nox chess gate mélange de noix fresh is best sara company on sale medium buy buya get free get each raspberries grown in california fresh is best salsa free dan-d pak fancy nut mix you save2ea yearth's own sofresh yearth's own sofresle wat almond camp first on sale on sale on sale grain breads harvest bread or strathcona grain bread baked in-store 600g each earth's own so nice organic or oat beverage produced in vancouver bergen farms frozen fruit 1.8kg or organic blueberries 1kg grown in abbotsford or qualicum you saves save up to 1.29 you saves kraft philadelphia ahoy! original origin origina mladelphia hipped original fudgee villaggio villaggio villaggio ortesano on sale philadelphia on sale on sale classico light philadelphia cream cheese each villaggio bread christie cookies selected varieties save up to 2 es save up to 1.49 you save "1.49 panache panache complimente compliment man alaman stick peas ischiches chid peas pois chiches cic bonus miles whenyou buy on sale on sale on sale panache kettle chips each for compliments honey compliments canned legumes you save 99 you save $2 ea you save 24 the health and wellbeing of our remains our top priority maintaining 2m physical distance following directional arrows oll frequent hand washing & sanitizing not entering the store if sick or unwell tf_wkos_p12

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