Thrifty Foods BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Flyer - 11/25-12/01/2021 (Page 2)

floral let our customer care representatives put you in touch with the thrifty foods floral designer each kalsettia grown in surrey 7" pot of war poinsettia in burlap in surrey each we pick first bell peppers product of mexico each each each amaryllis bulbs great gift idea! assorted colours christmas planter assorted styles grown in surrey each smile priced each holiday market jug arrangement bc grown christmas greens bunches assorted varieties each we pick first we pick poinsettia bc in fabric pot first assorted colours grown in victoria 10" pot each first bc ambrosia apples extra fancy grown in the okanagan valley bulk chocolate and yogurt covered noog peanuts or raisins baking almonds selected we pick olympic mountain man or sierra mountain nut mixes first each the okanagan valley each each each candy tubs or cups selected wonderful each wonderful wonderful pistachios selected dan-d pak peanuts in the shell huer pistachios tri colour onions product of usa gummies gélifiés tf_wk31_p02

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