Thrifty Foods BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Flyer - 11/25-12/01/2021 (Page 4)

jet fresh nectarines or peaches product of australia jet fresh whole samba papaya product of brazil organic each each cation organic mandarin gamge organic chinese mandarins product of china we pick bc organic bc fuji apples grown in the similkameen ilb sanfucar earthbound earthbound farm organic spring mix or baby spinach each sanlucar navel oranges product of australia bunch radishes or green onions product of usa or mexico we pick each first $4.99 each made in-store daily each each champ's bc organic stuffer mushrooms white or crimini or steakmate blend grown in langley fresh guacamole $4.99 each made in-store daily organic pineapple costa rica each we pick victoria first first each red potatoes grown on the lower mainland or vancouver island each broccoli crowns product of usa or mexico organic rapini product of usa tf_wk3u po3

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