Thrifty Foods Flyer - 06/13-06/19/2019 (Page 2)

produce ataulfo mangoes bc early nugget potatoes grown in the lower mainland large grown in mexico these potatoes are picked early before they reach enjoy them boiled pan-fried or in cold salads! on sale on sale mango ice pops per lb we pick first tuscan cantaloupe fresh corn on the cob grown in california fresh asparagus grown in ontario on sale on sale on sale taylor's gold pears grown in new zealand fresh mango salsa prepared in-store small pack large pack $4.99 each bbq grillers village farms cherry tomatoes red or yellow grown in delta on sale on sale on sale on sale wak per lb each each first organic peaches or nectarines grown in california organic bc organic tomatoes on the vine grown in delta bc organic long english cucumbers on sale on sale per lb on sale we pick perib we pick first organic each organic organic first organic blueberries grown in california musho bc organic mushrooms white or crimini stuffers or steakmate blend grown in langley compliments organic carrots grown in california carces more on sale on sale on sale sek each we pick first organic organic organic whole honeydew melon broccoli bunch grown in california garlic grown in california smile priced produce same great quality each each each was 5.99 was 2.99 was 2.99 whole seedless watermelon grown in the usa compliments baby spinach grown in california romaine hearts grown in california compliments baby spinach pousses d'épinards tanimura & antle romaine hearts each watermelonade each was 3.99 each was 3.99 was 799

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