Thrifty Foods Flyer - 04/30-05/06/2020 (Page 10)

kashi go lean cereal hellmann's kashi heinz pitmasters bbq sauce 475ml or seriously good mayonnaise theinzl kashi free hellmann's sauce $3.99 each grocery burger kansas city golean golean heinz good mayonnaise on sale on sale when hellmann's dressing $5.29 each jell-o instant pudding selected robertson's marmalades vanilla vanille hellmann's chocolate chocolat hellmann's gra ranch robertsons robertsons ranch on sale jello on sale idas ginger se mere each nando's peri-peri sauce heinz ketchup sensations by compliments 100% pure maple syrup veure sheinz ketchup heinz ketchup on sale nandong sef on sale on sale pepeg quaker muffin mix singing bowl granola made in victoria mogm meucy muroy singing bowi morning la chorale singing bow general mills oatmeal crisp quaker quaker muffin muffin oatmeal crisp oatmeal granola granola crisp oatmeal chocolate chip oatmeal chocolate chip on sale on sale on sale artsak granola granola each otransfat granola blagi first otranslat canola harvest blended oils selected allen's vinegar clover leaf tuna or chicken snacks snacks gasse compliments or compliments balance tomatoes compliments hummus snack lute tomatoes on sale on sale on sale allen's on sale tach each weight watcher's bread hershey's chocolate syrup or topping eight treasures coconut milk eight treasures condensed milk thins or tortillas treasures hersh hersheys treasures weight sites cata ng niyog ปากะสี coconut milk lait de coco oes on sale on sale on sale on sale miche de entier each for whenyou always pads or liners or tampax tampons selected old spice body wash selected head & shoulders hair care tampax perlo colgate toothpaste manual multi pack or battery operated colgere health & beauty on sale on sale on sale on sale always each colgate sensiune skin care selected seventh generation jumbo diapers selected little ones by compliments jumbo diapers little ones love child organics fruit & vegetable purée pouches selected st ives seventh srives little on sale on sale on sale on sale bonus each miles organic when you learn more always get 2x the miles! get 2 air miles® reward miles for every $20 you spend in-store terms and conditions apply

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