Thrifty Foods Flyer - 04/30-05/06/2020 (Page 2)

produce source local eat happy we pick new first sanlucar navel oranges grown in spain exclusive to thrifty foods windset farms fresco baby cucumbers grown in delta fresco baby cugumber petits concombre on sale on sale we pick per lb each sanfucar first taylor's gold pears grown in new zealand houweling's bc sweet gem tomatoes grown in delta mix & match houweling's bc grape tomatoes grown in delta signature mille on sale on sale sweet grape on sale we pick pick each first first whole maradol papaya large grown in mexico bc green bell peppers grown in delta on sale on sale we pick per lb spiced quinoa stuffed peppers organic raspberries grown in california organic celery bunch grown in california organic bartlett pears grown in argentina organic on sale on sale on sale each organic each organic organic organic cch lemons organic lemons grown n california bc organic long english cucumbers grown in delta champs bc organic mushrooms or sliced portabella grown in langley on sale on sale on sale wepo we pack each organic organoc organic first blueberries grown in mexico compliments simply romaine or garden salad compliments baby-cut carrots comments smile priced produce coro each - each each was 4.99 same great quality each was 3.99 compar red globe seeded grapes grown in chile compliments petite potatoes grown in canada or the usa medley petites compliments broccoli florets broccoli & cauliflower florets vegetable medley or melange petites complimente red peties cang petites tous per lb each each each was 5.99 wos 2.99 tf-fw

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