Thrifty Foods Flyer - 06/10-06/16/2021 (Page 5)

bakery limited time offer triple berry or cookies and cream flavour dessert bars and cream or nanaimo on sale starting at each each on sale garlic bread each french bread baked in-store on sale cheese or raisin bread baked in-store each on sale on sale each each french style baguette baked in-store pound cake banana chocolate chip loaf baked in-store on sale fruit sticks apple or raspberry baked in-store each on sale on sale swirl buns cheese or pizza baked in-store bag of cookies chocolate chip oatmeal raisin or monster baked in-store each each cheese & deli castello mix & match bite havarti tre stelle salaper castello tre stelle bocconcini cheddar news halloumi tre stelle when you buy on sale on sale starting at albert's leap cheese each per 100g brie snowdonia cheese or camembert manchego curso nun sambozola boursin boursin pizzeria pizzeria pizzeria camenger classic posted on bonus boursin es ist buy when you buy2 buy new more more starting at buy2 & get third bellitalia le rustique camembert or maese miguel manchego cheese 150g each each boursin cheese free artisan pizza toppings each compliments naturally simple sliced deli meats or 1 for $6.49 made with natural ingredients or 1 for $5.99 pillers sar pillers charcuterie slow roasted beef with red pepper flavour and hints of cilantro oregano and chili try it now! carvela schneiders charcuterie stanuireks on sale on sale on sale starting at panache angus roast beef or new red pepper chimichurri roast beef per schneiders capocollo genoa salami or raised without antibiotics sliced fresh maple lodge chicken breast sliced fresh per 100g per 100g thrifty foods tf_wko_p04

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