Thrifty Foods Flyer - 04/22-04/28/2021 (Page 5)

bakery family size on sale apple strudel baked in-store on sale each on sale fresh fruit flan each bag of cookies raisin or monster baked in-store on sale each almond or butter tarts baked in-store on sale on sale on sale brioche loaf baked in-store each pepperoni cheese sticks baked in-store each gourmet brioche hamburger buns plain or sesame topped or hot dog buns baked in-store cheese & deli little qualicum jarlsberg little cheesework island brie qualicum canadian cheddar canadien panache cheeseworks island brie we pick canadian cheddar canadien pears viim 3 ans first on sale on sale starting at per jarlsberg cheese product of norway random weight little qualicum cheeseworks island brie random weight panache aged cheddar mastro lon daniele tin ii cheese abella mastro natur natural selections natural shared selections bonus miles when you buy2 buy more on sale on sale ilchester per 100g applewood smoked cheddar random weight san daniele mortadella or mastro capocollo or each each maple leaf natural selections sliced deli meats or 1 for $4.99 we pick first tietty our on sale freybe taste of europe charcuterie sliced meats kitchen brandt homestyle roasts starting at single smoked starting at roasted deli meats on sale or double smoked bacon meat sourced from canadian farms per selection varies by store thrifty kitchens per selection varies by store roast beef sliced fresh sliced fresh sliced fresh get topped up to 5x air miles® reward miles termos e conditions apply each per 100g more miles! te w52 p04

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