Thrifty Foods Flyer - 04/01-04/07/2021 (Page 2)

produce ripe and ready to eat driscoll's mangoes raspberries mexico grown in the usa driscoll's on sale on sale each raspberry mango smoothies new variety at thrifty foods! on sale on sale on sale per lb perib per lb pink muscat grapes red prince apples premium beauregard yams dators on sale on sale on sale each each per lb celery yellow onions brussels sprouts grown in california organic organic strawberries grown in california or mexico kildara farms bc organic mixed baby greens grown in victoria champ's bc organic mushrooms mums pie mushrooms on sale on sale on sale paca we pick each we pick first organic organic first organic cch lemons organic lemons grown in california bc organic ambrosia apples grown in the similkameen valley roots organic herb bird mix packaged in cloverdale compliments organic herbs packaged in cloverdale selected on sale on sale on sale on sale each we pick first each each organic organic organic yves smile carrots carottes we pick yves yves yves yves yves first priced produce same great quality each was 5.99 grown in california each was 5.99 bc pink lady apples okanagan valley yves veggie cuisine breakfast back bacon sausage or breakfast patties each was 4.99 yves veggie cuisine ground round compliments garden salad or coleslaw broccoli crowns grown in california yvesa yves yves yves each was 2.69 per lb each was 4.29 yves veggie cuisine slices salami or turkey each was 7.49 yves veggie cuisine veggie burgers tf wk49_poz

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